Enhance Vehicle Efficiency and Safety

Monitor vehicle and drive behaviour to receive alerts.
Real-time analytics report based on location, fuel, camera surveillance and faults.
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Branded Telematics Platform for Automotive Companies

Leverage your Fleet Owner relationships to launch new service offerings.
We provide the software platform, mobile app, field training and sales material. Learn More

Automotive Insurance based on Vehicle Usage

Partner with us to provide Usage Based Insurance (UBI) based on driver behaviour.
Understand your customers driving pattern to offer customized renewal plans. Learn More

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Vehicle Telematics

Cloud-based Telematics Platform as a Service (PaaS) with iOS and Android mobile viewer app


Real-time Tracking & Alerts

Track and control your vehicle in real-time. Configure Geofences, alerts and notifications to keep you updated

fuel (1)

Fuel Consumption Monitoring

Monitor Fuel levels to improve fleet efficiency, reduce fuel thefts and get alerted on sudden drop in fuel level


Harsh Acceleration and Braking Detection

Monitor and improve driver behavior by tracking and get alerted on sudden acceleration, over speeding, harsh braking and idling with AC on.


Trip History & Playback

View and replay completed trips from history. FleetJack maintains and makes history data available for 90 days.


Analytical Reports

All the standard reports you ever need are included in the application and all customers have access to them.


Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps provide seamless access to your fleet’s status while you are on the go! Mobile App can be installed from Appstore for iOS and Playstore for Android smart phones.



You provide services using our software, either as hosted solution or installed on your premises. We support you with our best support and training.


Scalable Platform

FleetJack platform is scalable and the application allows unlimited data storage and supports tens of thousands of vehicles.


Real-time Tracking & Alerts

You have a real-time view and information of all your vehicles. You can select any vehicle from your fleet to see the additional real-time information. You can setup geofences and stay updated with Alerts and notifications. We support 10+ devices and setup is quick.

GPS Tracking & Vehicle Telematics Platform
Fleet Owners

Fuel Consumption Monitoring

You can monitor your fuel level in real-time or from history, identify fill-up as well as sudden decrease in fuel level which could indicate theft. You can setup and get alerted for sudden decrease in fuel level as well as other unexpected behaviors like ‘AC on with engine idling’.


For any kind of vehicle tracking and driver behaviour monitoring needs.


Trip History & Playback

You can pick any vehicle from your fleet and view its status and movement real-time in a map. You can also choose any prior day to view all the trips made during that day and playback any of the trips. History is available for 90 days.

Analytical Reports

All the standard reports you need (report-1, report-2) are available at your fingertips. Hence it is easy to get the right information, to the right person at the right time which helps you optimize your fleet costs.

FleetJack Report

FleetJack Mobile App

Mobile Apps

Whether you are in the office or on the beach, you can view and manage your fleet in real-time. Mobile App keeps the managers informed of the fleet status at all times. iOS and Android mobile Apps are available and can be downloaded from Apple Appstore and Google Playstore.


Start your own tracking business. We provide the access to hosted solution or white label software with support and training. We provide you our GPS tracking platform, technical support, sales materials and other tools required for success. As a partner, you can offer re-branded GPS tracking solutions to end customers in your region. You manage your own customer base and provide value add to your end customers by offering device installation services, local support, and ancillary services.



Scalable Platform

The platform is scalable and can handle your growing business. The hosted solution is implemented in AWS cloud. You can store unlimited data and the application can handle tens of thousands of vehicles.