5 Benefits of using GPS Tracking Devices

5 Benefits of using GPS Tracking Devices
Track Your Vehicles

Industries in the sector of transportation and logistics have marked that they have achieved a growth of 10 to 25% of their productivity, efficiency and also have cut down on unnecessary labor costs using our latest GPS Vehicle Tracking Technology services.

In this post, I will tell how you can monitor your fleet management at anytime from anywhere and ensure that it’s safely reached.

Once a GPS device is fixed to the vehicle and it is activated using a sim card, you can monitor your fleet location details and record an accurate data of other particulars like

  • Tracking your vehicle 24/7.
  • Monitor the exact location details of the vehicle.
  • Alerts will be given to the administrator when the vehicle is driven in excessive speed.
  • Alerts on to turn off the AC when the vehicle is in idle mode.
  • Oversees the fuel levels and prevents the fuel fraud.

These details can be viewed on web portal or in a mobile device where the information is continuously updated.

These advanced tracking systems not only reduce the fear of theft and fuel robbery but in turn brings add-on for the organization in terms of customer engagement and satisfaction. Secondly, it increases the labor efficiency and reduces the average number of hours paid for each of our drivers up to 10%

To add more delight, the insurance companies give automatic discounts to owners who have installed GPS Vehicle Tracking system software in their vehicles.