How Gadgets Could Have Been Saved From Heavy Rains?

How Gadgets Could Have Been Saved From Heavy Rains?
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In recent rains, thousands of cars were exposed to water. Due to the over exposure of electronic devices to water seepage they were prone to dust, water and shock for the users who had contact with devices.

The electronic devices like GPS units fixed in automobiles had water seepage resulting in replacements. Which is a huge expense to be covered but however the impact of the exposure to water and dust can be reduced to a great extent if devices were properly protected with proper certification are purchased. For example, IP 65, 66 and 67 protections ensure the devices are tested for shock, vibration and water resistant features.

What are IP65, 66, 67 protections?

IP stands for Ingress Protection which means the standard of protection is used for shielding the electronic devices like mobiles, GPS Tracking Devices fixed in cars from foreign objects like dust, dirt and water. And the level of protection offered by these housings to our devices is mentioned by numbers which follows after the two letters IP, where 6 stands for – Complete protection against dust and 5 stands for – Protection from water. Similarly,

IP66 stands for – Protection against dust and temporary flooding of water.

IP67 stands for – Protection against the dust and effect of immersion between 15 cm and 1 m.

Why are they important?

In many environments electronic devices must stand rough conditions and work for their indented period of time nevertheless they are set out to dirt, dust and humidity. IP protection devices can help users to enjoy an extended period of lifetime without getting a safety risk.

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