Find The Right GPS Tracking Solution For Your Business

Find The Right GPS Tracking Solution For Your Business

There’s a common misconception that one type of tracking solution fits for all industries requirements. It is necessary to analyze your business needs and properly research on the available options before choosing the right vehicle tracking solution.

Are you a small scale business owner who wants to track your on-field technicians? Alternatively, are you a nation wide supply chain distributor who wants to track fleets and ensure goods are delivered at customer end on time? It is a daunting task to follow-up with drivers every time to know their whereabouts. A right fleet management software helps you to manage the operations, improve the productivity of vehicles and cuts down on unnecessary expenses.

Here are some key features to look for;

Location Tracking: Check if you can track the vehicles at any given time and if the location details provided are correct and accurate.

Fuel Monitoring and Tracking: The advanced fuel monitoring technology, tailor-made for businesses and efficient management of fleet services provides 95% accuracy in detecting the fuel level in real time. Also, helps the owners to stay updated with real-time SMS alerts in case of fuel theft and refueling.

Mobile Application Access: Not all fleet tracking software has mobile application to track vehicles from anywhere at anytime. Make sure an app is available for your preferred device.

Cloud based storage: Get access to your data anytime from any device with a data connection. Check if the data collected is stored and backed up in cloud based CRM so that you can ensure the data is kept secured and not lost.

Ease of Use: There are some very complicated software’s out there, so it is ideal to select one with a simple dashboard that doesn’t require technical skills or much of a learning curve.

Customer Support: Find a vendor that lets you contact a real, live person when you need help, whether through phone, live chat or email support.

Alert Systems: Choose a provider that lets you set alerts for specific vehicle events such as if the driver has gone off-route, vehicle exceeds speed limit and fuel theft.