AIS-140 GPS Tracking Device Specifications

AIS-140 GPS Tracking Device Specifications
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Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are globally proven systems to optimize the utilization of existing transport infrastructure and improve transportation systems in terms of efficiency, quality, comfort, and safety. Having realized the potential of ITS, Government bodies and other organizations in India are presently working towards implementing various components of ITS across the country. AIS-140, intelligent transport system, has been recently added to automotive industry standards. With ever increasing vehicles on the road, it is important for the government to stipulate guidelines for emergency and safety standards required for all public transport systems. All rail, road, air and water transportation used for transporting public needs to be fitted with AIS-140 compatible GPS device. The ITS function envisaged for this device is Safety & Security with two sub-functions Vehicle Location Tracking and Emergency buttons. Both functions must be met by a single device. Some of the key requirements for the AIS-140 device include:

  1. A device shall be capable of obtaining position information using Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)
  2. A device shall be capable of transmitting data to Backend Control Server using mobile GPRS
  3. A device shall be capable of transmitting Position, Velocity and Time (PVT data) along with heading (direction of travel) at a configurable frequency
  4. A device shall be capable of transmitting data to minimum 2 different IP addresses (for regulatory purpose and emergency response system) other than the IP’s required for an Operational purpose
  5. On press of the emergency button, the device should send an emergency alert to the configured IPs. In the absence of GPRS, the device should be capable of sending SMS which has a different format due to length constraints
  6. A device should also support internal backup battery as well as over the air software and configuration updates
  7. A device shall support the store and forward mechanism for all type of data (periodic data and alerts) meant for backend transmission

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