Start your own Tracking Business

Start your own Tracking Business

FleetJack is a GPS tracking and Vehicle Telematics platform as a Service (PaaS) serving industries in Logistics, Tours and Travels, Distribution & Supply-chain management domains. Real-Time tracking is a fast growing business and is also mandatory for all public transportation. There is large untapped potential in this business as a large percentage of fleet vehicles, still, do not have tracking devices installed. Many fleet owners have not realized that the ability to track their vehicles provides immense benefits to them as well as and their customers.                    

The Opportunity:

 The first step for the automotive distributor/supplier is to become a FleetJack Partner. Automotive parts distributor/supplier has access to many fleet owners who are their customers. This provides the potential business opportunity for them since they can educate the fleet owners about the advantages of tracking their vehicles. FleetJack supports this process by providing marketing materials and training to their Partners. FleetJack Partnership is a very lucrative business opportunity since it provides monthly recurring revenue (add-on revenue stream) to the Partner. This revenue stream is an add-on revenue stream to the partner (in addition to what they get from the current business).


Partnership Details – What FleetJack provides:

FleetJack, a leader in the vehicle telematics space provides the following to their partners:

  • Training, Marketing materials
  • Since device and SIM are needed for tracking the vehicle, FleetJack has an agreement with many device makers and partners can obtain devices at competitive pre-agreed rates and resell to their fleet-owner customers
  • FleetJack has an agreement with National mobile carriers like Airtel and partners can buy SIMs to competitive pre-agreed fleetjack rates
  • Vehicle licenses at partner rates which partner can resell to their fleet-owner customers. One license is needed for each vehicle and provides the customer with access to the platform and mobile app for monitoring their fleet vehicles
  • Seamless technical support to the fleet-owner customers for technical issues related to Platform and mobile apps

Partnership Details – What Partners does:

Partners with support from FleetJack do the following and earn revenue:

  • Identify, educate and convert Fleet-owner customers to use FleetJack service
  • Purchase device, SIM from device/network partners and resell them as well as provide installation of devices
  • Purchase FleetJack licenses and resell to their customers
  • Manage their customer base and expand them

To contact FleetJack, call 9003011666 or email

About FleetJack

FleetJack is a ‘Vehicle Telematics Platform as a Service’ product of Nesh Technologies Private Limited based in Chennai, India. FleetJack provides both Vehicle Tracking and Telematics features including Real-Time tracking, Alerts, Idle & Stoppage Reports, Fuel Monitoring, Trips & Routes, History & Playback, Driver Behavior, and Analytics Dashboard. Users can monitor their vehicles and assets using the portal or by using FleetJack mobile App in their iOS or Android phones. We support a number of tracking devices supplied by our device partners. More details on FleetJack can be found on our website