School Bus Tracking

School Bus Tracking

Children’s safety during travel to school has always been a worry for the Parents due to increasing traffic in cities, driver negligence and over speeding. 

GPS Technology and Real-time tracking have made inroads into the commercial transportation of goods. This allows the end user to view in real-time where the object (fitted with a GPS device) is located as well as its status using desktop or smartphone with internet connectivity. The same technology could be used to allow Parents to track school buses. Schools can set up alerts to capture driver behavior and encourage good driving habits. Parents can be provided with additional features like Geo-Zone related alerts for a small fee.

State Governments should look at children safety and the merits of GPS Tracking devices and surveillance cameras in school buses and decide if the same should be made mandatory. This will help parents know where the bus is during their child’s journey. Pune has started looking at the Live tracking of school buses in the wake of the death of a 14-year old boy who fell from a moving bus.

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Governmental bodies like RTO as well as schools should rely on existing private sector companies who have the systems in place to handle large real-time tracking of thousands of vehicles (like FleetJack), which will be the fastest way to weed out bad driving and ensure student safety. 

About FleetJack

FleetJack is a ‘GPS Tracking & Vehicle Telematics Platform as a Service’ product of Nesh Technologies Private Limited based in Chennai, India. FleetJack provides both Vehicle Tracking and Telematics features including Real-Time tracking, Alerts, Idle & Stoppage Reports, Fuel Monitoring, Trips & Routes, History & Playback, Driver Behavior, and Analytics Dashboard. Users can monitor their vehicles and assets using the portal or by using FleetJack mobile App in their iOS or Android phones and supports a number of popular tracking devices. More details are available on FleetJack website


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