Enhance productivity and efficiency

Know Where Your Vehicles Are [24/7]

Our smart tracking solutions help you to pinpoint your vehicle on a map and know its exact location and current status using our live tracking 24/7 feature.

Reduce Fuel Cost

Reduce excess bills on your fuel usage by monitoring vehicle activities like travel routes, ignition on/off, ac status and fuel levels using our cloud platform and mobile apps.    

Boost Driver & Vehicle Safety

Don’t let over speeding and other dangerous driving actions stop you from reaching your business goals. Prevent accidents, thefts and fuel fraud using our smart GPS tracking solutions which sends immediate alerts to your mobile devices and e-mails.

Device Configuration

You decide how often your devices send tracking information to FleetJack server depending on how critical it is to your business. The smaller the interval, your tracking will be more Real-Time.

History Reports

Stay dot-compliant and informed by our reports. View detailed information on journey timeline, long breaks, the total duration of the vehicle for the day and fuel consumption. Also, helps the organization to get insights from our history reports to curb on the excess amount paid to drivers and be competitive in the market.


FleetJack supports alerts for Geo-Zone (entry/exit), Idle, Main power disconnect/removal, Ignition on/off and over speeding. Setup and configure any or all of the supported alerts and get notified whenever the alerts get triggered.

Vehicle Immobilizer  

Prevent your vehicle from burglars and theft by immobilizing the car using our mobile app.  Instant notifications and alerts are sent to your registered mobile number and e-mail when someone tries to trick and steal your car. 

Deliver On-Time Customer Service

No customer would be happy if their delivery gets delayed and not delivered on time. Help them enjoy your service by navigating through short routes and run fleets efficiently by using FleetJack Smart GPS Tracking Solutions, thereby increasing your client engagement and gain customer delight. 

Increase The Productivity

Track your vehicle 24/7 and Update your vehicle activities as happened in real-time and avoid the disputes happen in an organization. History reports help you to eliminate the waiting hours, fuel wastage and late delivery which helps to increase your productivity and efficiency. 

Track & View From Anywhere, Anytime

Don’t miss a beat of your vehicle activities and monitor your fleet whether you are at the office, home or beach. Now you can track your fleet real-time using our mobile and web-portal solutions from anywhere, anytime.