• School Bus Tracking

    Children’s safety during travel to school has always been a worry for the Parents due to increasing traffic in cities, driver negligence and over speeding.  GPS Technology and Real-time tracking have made inroads into the commercial transportation of goods. This allows the end user to view in real-time where the object (fitted with a GPS device) is located as...

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  • Start your own Tracking Business

    FleetJack is a GPS tracking and Vehicle Telematics platform as a Service (PaaS) serving industries in Logistics, Tours and Travels, Distribution & Supply-chain management domains. Real-Time tracking is a fast growing business and is also mandatory for all public transportation. There is large untapped potential in this business as a large percentage of fleet vehicles, still, do not have...

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  • ais140, ais140 device, specification, mandatory

    AIS-140 GPS Tracking Device Specifications

    Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are globally proven systems to optimize the utilization of existing transport infrastructure and improve transportation systems in terms of efficiency, quality, comfort, and safety. Having realized the potential of ITS, Government bodies and other organizations in India are presently working towards implementing various components of ITS across the country. AIS-140, intelligent transport system, has been...

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  • Find The Right GPS Tracking Solution For Your Business

    There’s a common misconception that one type of tracking solution fits for all industries requirements. It is necessary to analyze your business needs and properly research on the available options before choosing the right vehicle tracking solution. Are you a small scale business owner who wants to track your on-field technicians? Alternatively, are you a nation wide supply chain...

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  • GPS For Vehicle Safety

    Increase Employee Safety & Efficiency.

    Increase Employee Safety & Efficiency. The pillars for a successful business are built on efficiency, consistency and productivity. Especially, timing and efficiency are two important factors for any company in travel & tours industry. Managing a facility which involves frequent transport, safety of drivers and profitability without a proper solution can be a difficult task for the business to...

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  • FleetJack GPS Tracking Solution Chennai

    FleetJack, GPS Tracking Solution Chennai

    Fleetjack makes GPS Vehicle Tracking easy and more effective. No you can track your fleet from any where any time across three different platform, Cloud based WEB application: Fleetjack WEB-based software Gives you a complete insight of your fleets activities with more indepth details on a easy to use interface. Fleetjack Mobility (Iphone & Andriod Application) Designed specially for...

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  • Why GPS Tracking?

    5 reasons why GPS Tracking System

    GPS (Global Positioning System) Tracking system once was too expensive to be used, in this modern era GPS tracking system are readily available and affordable even for an individual since there are many GPS tracking providers across the market. There are many benefits of GPS tracking system through its variety of applications 1. Optimize fuel Efficiency The a GPS...

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  • Track Your Vehicles

    5 Benefits of using GPS Tracking Devices

    Industries in the sector of transportation and logistics have marked that they have achieved a growth of 10 to 25% of their productivity, efficiency and also have cut down on unnecessary labor costs using our latest GPS Vehicle Tracking Technology services. In this post, I will tell how you can monitor your fleet management at anytime from anywhere and...

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  • how to track a vehicle using gps

    How Gadgets Could Have Been Saved From Heavy Rains?

    GPS vehicle tracking system are proven to help companies reduce fuel cost by 13.2% or more on an average per annum based on researches conducte In recent rains, thousands of cars were exposed to water. Due to the over exposure of electronic devices to water seepage they were prone to dust, water and shock for the users who had...

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  • missing vehicle tracking system

    How FleetJack works?

    Fleetjack Vehicle tracking uses GPS device installed in the vehicle. Each Vehicle or person that needs to be tracked is fitted with the GPS device. GPS Tracking device in the vehicle calculates its position and stores the information. Data Collection: GPS device communicates with 27 GPS satellites to locate the vehicle position. Data Transmission: GPS device transmits the data...

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