GPS Vehicle Tracking solution helps you to monitor your vehicle by delivering real time information on location and other vehicle related parameters such as speed, RPM, fuel level etc.
By efficiently monitoring the fleet, fleet owners can increase vehicle safety and efficiency. The driver’s productivity is improved as well. These result in improved sales and profitability. 
To buy our GPS Vehicle Tracking device please call us on 90030 11666, or e-mail us at for quotes.
you can log into your account on the web at or use our iOS or android mobile app. Our mobile apps can be downloaded from app store or play store.
FleetJack will pay the bills for the data used.
Incase of any disconnection you will get sms alert on your mobile
Each GPS record consists of the following details: – Position – Speed – Distance – Fuel – Battery


A small GPS device is installed to your vehicle. The GPS device communicates with the satellite to triangulates the vehicles positions (communicates with at least three or more satellites and calculates the exact coordinates via determining longitude and latitude) and sends it through GPRS to the Fleetjack servers. Fleetjack Server processes the raw data for alerts and reports.
The GPS tracking device gets its power from the battery of the vehicle.
Not much. The device is hidden inside the vehicle dashboard in most cases and is secure from any physical tampering. 
GPS tracking devices reports its location details once in few minutes. You will be given alert if your driver is speeding at that instant. Similarly for the geo-fence alerts, the entry or the exit of the geo-fence is determined when location is taken.
Please check if your device is connected to the internet. Second,ensure that you have an account with us and are using correct login credentials for the registered account.
Once your e-mail id, mobile number and organization name details are given you will be provided with an online account and also be given with personal login and password. Once logged in, you can change the password of your choice under settings.
Yes it will be possible to change the GPS unit to another vehicle.
Fixed vehicle tracking system tracks both vehicle and vehicle parameters like fuel, battery etc whereas the mobile phone can track the person carrying the phone and vehicle parameters are not possible to retrieve.


Yes, the GPS Tracking device can be installed without the drivers knowing device is fixed in the vehicle. Anyhow for a good installation and to be virtually disabled from the drivers it is advisable to follow the instructions given in the guide and get the assistance from the professional technicians.
Our technicians will visit your office to install the device and guide you on its usage.
It takes around 30-40 mintutes.
The lifetime of the device is about 7 to 10 years.