Our blend of technology & real-time solutions helps us to meet our customer’s requirements in managing fleet efficiency and stay competitive in this challenging business market. Featured below are some of the key features of FleetJack.


Monitor & Track your vehicle activity 24×7!

Our live monitoring feature (24/7) helps customers view details on their vehicle activities like object position and status, ignition status, speed, distance traveled, fuel levels and battery. You can also track the location details to monitor bad driver behaviors like taking long routes, extended break hours and over speeding.


Real-Time Tracking

With FleetJack, user’s can track Vehicles and Employees real-time. This helps the Organization run their employee management efficiently without any disputes and eliminate inefficient areas. View your field representatives current location, the length of the meetings, and view their journey timeline using FleetJacks’s smart tech GPS Tracking solutions.

personnel tracking-min


FleetJack maintains tracking history, which is currently 90 days and accessible to users to view and playback. Playback helps you to view the entire journey, the timeline of your vehicle traveled for the day, stop over and duration of the travel.


Dashboard and Analytics

The dashboard provides most of the key information about your fleet in one view. Together with the Reports, the user gets all the Analytics required to optimize the fleet. While on the go, mobile app dashboard and analytics come in handy.



You can configure and receive alerts on Vehicle activity – idle time – over speeding – Geo-zone alerts – fuel alerts – ignition alerts. Get instant alerts on your mobiles and e-mails when these activities occur and when your vehicle is entering and exiting defined locations or Geo-zones.


Fuel Level Monitoring

Worried about ever-increasing fuel prices or Stressed by sky-high fuel bills every month? FleetJack provides the following features which help you monitor fuel levels and prevent fuel theft!

Real-time current fuel level measurements from the tank

  • Track fuel levels 24*7
  • Alerts sent on events like refuel and sudden dip
  • Reports on fuel consumption
  • Reduce frequent refueling & expenses.

fuel_Screen Shot


Ever wondered who logged into your account and when? You get all of these and more in the Log page. It provides information like when to whom and how the alerts were sent.